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As malware education is becoming needed to understand and assist with virus and rootkit removal, is dedicated to update terms and descriptions regularly.

Malware: Short for malicious software, it is designed to secretly access a computer without anyone's consent. Malware includes computer viruses, rootkits, worms, trojan horses ect.

Botnet: Generally refers to a pack of compromised computers which are also referred as "Zombie Computers". A BotMaster can remotely control their respective botnet via IRC.Botnets are usually formed by exploiting web browser vulnerabilities and depositing malware on those computers.

Heuristic Virus Detection: Basically it is a set of assumptions Anti-Virus programs use to determine if a a program is malware or normal. Because the software has to make a informed guess, the Anti-Virus program may tag a program as malware by mistake.

Rootkit: Is a program that establishes privileged access to a computer and conceals its presence to users.Usually a Rootkit will gather information such as user names and passwords. A rootkit can also be used to give a BotMaster access to your computer. Rootkits can also modify existing libraries and software. Please click the link to view my Rootkit guide.

Keylogger: Is a program that records the user's keystrokes. Keyloggers can only be installed if you are running as the Administrator on your computer.

Adware: Is advertising software that plays,downloads, or displays advertisements while the application is being used. This can be software that was drive-by downloaded on to the computer. The ads being displayed are almost always unwanted and invasive.

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