Malware Rescue CD

A Malware Rescue CD makes it possible to scan a PC that otherwise would not boot up into Windows. In some cases malware cripples Windows's ability to operate or install programs.

There are myriads of things that could be happening,rootkits could be running or keyloggers could be recording your passwords ect.. this CD can rule Malware out as the problem.

A Rescue CD simply is a CD that your computer "boots" up before your hard drive.

The CD will load and prompt you to scan the computer for malware.

The reason this method works so well is because the malware will be unable to manipulate your system or hide because Windows will not have loaded.

Click here for Malware Rescue CD This particular CD is from AVG. There is no cost to download or use this CD image or USB Stick file.

Simply download the .ISO or USB stick file and plug into your PC before you power up. Most PC's will check to see if they can boot from a "removable disk" before moving on to Windows.

The AVG Rescue scanner will load and simply select the default options and let it rip.

You may also update the virus definitions when your PC loads the cd. If your internet isn't functional you may download updates to a USB disk from another computer and import them before the scan.

This method really works. I have used it in a pinch with a good bit of success.

Please keep in mind that this is an After-The-Fact tool that has a good chance at success. However, Real-time protection is a a far better option. Remember, like me you could have your bank numbers swiped. Don't be like me and learn this the hard way. Spend the $40 bucks, be protected, browser known websites if possible, don't install every flash game around.

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