Step by Step Malware Protection Tutorial

Malware protection has never been more necessary, virtually 60% of all computers in the world are infected, that is a LOW estimate.

We need to accept the fact that new viruses are emerging regularly and most PC users are in a react mode.

We deal with it after its already a problem...too late I'm afraid.

Credit card numbers, social security, personal files, web surfing habits are just a few examples of what a modern rootkit/malware infection can collect off your PC without you even being slightly clued in.

Here are a few general steps you need to take.

Step 1:

Acknowledge that protection/prevention is the only good answer.Not trying to download a host of free anti-virus programs after the fact.

Step 2:

You MUST have a firewall. I will write a tutorial on Windows Firewalls soon. Check back.Routers that you connect you cable modem or DSL into usually have a firewall built in. To test the quality of your firewall goto shieldsUP! and follow the instructions. This will show you if your firewall is working.

Step 3:

Real-time anti-virus protection. I have been saved by this over and over again. A new trend emerging is "drive by" infections. Essentially hackers exploit your web browser to background download and install a malicious program. If you don't have real-time anti-virus protection you are vulnerable. By the way, most free anti-virus programs do NOT offer real-time protection.

Upgrade to AVG Internet Security 2011

Step 4:

Surfing Habits.

I am going to expand much more on this, links and tutorials to come. Check back regularly. Read the Step by Step User Accounts Guide