Detect Malware using you task Manager

One way to detect malware on your computer is to see if some unknown program is running. A simple way to check this is to use the Windows Task Manager.

For those who have never used the Task manager simply hit the"Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" keys are the same time. Windows will bring up a screen allowing you to choose the Task manager.

The Task manager window has four tabs, select the "Processes" tab.

As the you can see there are many programs running. I have "alg.exe" highlighted on the screen.

Lets say I have no idea what alg.exe does and would like to know more about it.

Simply use a search engine and type in alg.exe

As shown below there are a bunch of links that describe the program and its use.

When we get our search results it turns out alg.exe is "application layer gateway". One commenter on a listed link says that alg.exe is used by Windows Firewall. So this process is clean and needed.

Obviously it would take forever to check every process listed in the Task manager, but what if a task was using more cpu time than any other program?

If the computer is running slow but there is no outward sign of a malware infection it is good idea to check your processes and look for anything with a high cpu load or several tasks with similar names.

If you notice a process that has a high or consistant CPU loadthis may be you malware.

Right click the process and click end task.

This should "kill" the process, then click start and search for the process name you "killed"

when the result shows up, Delete it.

Go back to the Task Manager and see if the task came back.

If it did, then a Rootkit is turning it on remotely.

Check out this guide for more on RootkitsRootkit Guide

If it doesn't come back, restart the computer and check again. If it came back you are still infected, check out the rootkit link.

If it didn't come back, download some decent anti-virus program that offers real time protection.

I use AVG Technologies - Tough on threats.