Please don't use your Administrator account for everyday computing, here's why:

It is is common to keep our logon as an Administrator so we don't have to deal with pesky warnings or program installation blocks.Who has the time for all that?!

It is my solemn goal to convince you to set up and use a normal working user account on your Windows/Mac/Linux machine.

Here is why:

Number 1!!!

Keyloggers CANNOT be installed or used unless they are downloaded into an account that has administrative rights or access.

What does this mean? Well, if your like me, you don't want your credit card numbers floating around. This can happen when you bank online or shop online, as you type in your information your keystrokes are being recorded and eventually uploaded to some BotMaster/Hacker somewhere.

Personal story....It happened to me...yep, I hang my head low on this one. Never again though.

2. System files and settings cannot be compromised!

3. System level security cannot be disabled.

4. Kernel Mode rootkits cannot be installed.

5. User Mode rootkits can only cloak/hide malware in the user account they are stored in.

6. System can be reliably cleaned and scanned when logged in as Administrator.

Here is how to check or change your settings:

click Start then click Control Panel

You should see this:

Click on User Acounts

Here you can see that there are User Names and Groups.

Essentially, you just need an Administrator in the Admin group anda User(Betty or Mom) in the Users group.

To add a new User click the Add button.

Now simply select the Restricted User option for the new account.

Thats it!!