About stop-malware.com and vision for the future of this site.

Stop-Malware.com is the summation of my efforts to help people with problems they are having with their computers. Specifically in the Malware arena.

I want to encourage you to email me with comments or questions.


I have been helping folks with their PC's either work or home related for roughly 15 years.

When Viruses and Spyware came on the scene in the 1990's anti-virus software became a staple for PC's nearly overnight.Since then malware has evolved substantially.

My personal workload trying to help friends/family and customers with malware was becoming unmanageable.

So I decided to provide this web resource that people could examine and follow, to in essence, help themselves.

The other, more personal reason for creating this website is I am very tired of Hacker types exploiting people, as if we were cattle on the web to them.

Here is a true story...mine:

I went to Europe on business, after about 2 weeks over there I noticed a string of withdraws from my checking account.These were all pulled on the same day, as if it were completely automated. They ranged from charity groups to iTunes to bogus company names.

If my Bank had not stopped the charges promptly I would have been cleaned out!

They gave me and my wife new cards.

Three weeks later....it happened again.

WHY?! I was so frustrated. We had anti-virus on the computers(free) and we don't spend any time on the wrong side of the internet.

So after getting our cards replaced...again, we took a more aggressive approach.

Ultimately because I didn't use any Real-Time protection on my machines there was no telling what was on there. Rootkits can and WILL hide malware!

I was forced to completely wipe the computers and re-install everything just to be sure. In some cases this is the only sure way.

Now people can search for puppies on Google and click a link to a phony site and a background exploit allows your computer to download malware!! This is getting insane!

Thats why I do this, thats why I care. We want our Internet back!!

Incidentally I use:AVG Technologies - Tough on threats.

Finally I want to simply express my excitement about the future of this site.

Not only do I plan on increasing the number of tutorials but I, in the near future want to begin uploading youtube tutorials.

I want to encourage people to make posts at the bottom of some content pages and leave questions and such. Its painless and I check for this several times per day.

I wish you the best,



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