Stop Malware Dead in its TRACKS!

The sole purpose of this website is to remove malware from your PC.

I've been where you are, PC completely crippled, not sure if my personal information is safe, worse my online banking info safe? These are real fears and real problems on today's internet.

This site was born on the premise that it will EMPOWER the average PC user to TAKE BACK control over their PC and internet.

YOU CAN remove this stuff, you don't need to be a rocket scientist either. But, you have to take the first step, you have to look around the site.

The site is designed for you to click the link that best describes what you are dealing with.

If you aren't sure, no problem. Start with the Removal Guide

Step By Step Guide to Remove Malware: Here I will provide a step by step guide on how to EMPOWER you to restore the quality of your computing.

  • Step by Step instructions
  • Provide the tools you need
  • Determine if a virus is even on the PC
  • Remove any threats on your PC

Terms and Education: Don't be intimidated by internet "lingo", here is a quick reference.

Protect Yourself From Future Attacks: Turn your PC into a Fortress that will allow you to brave cyberspace with CONFIDENCE!

Malware Sucks
Wanna make sure Malware doesn't siphon your bank account?! Read me
Malware Removal Guide
Malware removal made easier
Malware Education
Malware Education that is easy to understand and use.
Repair Malware Hijacked Computer
Remove Malware Hijacked settings on your PC EZ
Malware Protection
Your PC needs malware protection, malware is an epidemic and its getting worse. PROTECT your PC.
Hijacked Browser
Repair a Hijacked browser and Internet connection with only a few steps
Rootkit Guide
Rootkit Guide-Understand the primary tool used against you
Malware Defense Blog
Malware Removal Feed, Malware, Rootkit tutorial feed
Malware Rescue CD
If your computer is disabled to the point it cant run use a Malware Rescue CD
Info about, where it came from and where it is going.
Advanced browser troubleshooting,
This is the Advanced Browser Troubleshooting tips page.